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I am de-winterizing an OMC 5.8L with a Cobra drive. ... you should have 2 slotted gear oil plugs, if your Cobra outdrive is between 1985 and 1995. You drain the oil ... 179022 2 gas tank
Red Line Synthetic 80W Gear Oil w/Shockproof - 42704 Popular for 65cc, 85cc, 125cc and 250cc two stroke motocross transmissions, as well as shifter kart gearboxes and CRF transmission cases ShockProof® features microscopic solid medium to provide cushioning between gear teeth, while maintaining lower drag

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Hi, I have been searching to find what gear oil is best for a 1990 70hp Evenrude. I have found the local store has Marine Gear Oil 75W-90, It says that it is suitable for all outboard motors but just wanting to make sure I have the correct oil to top up the bottom leg of my outboard.

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This item OMC Cobra 4-Cycle Motor Oil 1 Gallon Quicksilver 8M0078617 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil – for Outboard, Sterndrive & Inboard Engines – SAE 10W-30 Mineral – 1 Gallon ROYAL PURPLE ROY0 SAE30 synthetic Oil 1 quart

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My Cobra also had a stalling problem when cold; if you engaged a gear before the engine was fully warmed up (a ten-minute process), it would stall. This was an annoyance, as well as an embarrassment when there is a line of folks waiting to launch their boats.

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"G'day All, I am re-assembling my Stern Drive, and the Manual calls for special stuff like OMC Triple Guard Grease and other OMC Oils and lubricants to fill the various cavities containing Bearings and Gears. As I don't have an OMC Dealer here in my neck of the woods, what Automotive equivalents can I use to substitute.

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Johnson/Evinrude/OMC 0502903 Oil Filter OEM Marine Oil Filter for OMC Stern Drives. Fits V6 Chevrolet, 3.8L, and 4.3 L engines. Interchangeable with: Johnson/Evinrude 765576 Sierra Marine 18-7879-1 18-7879 Mallory...

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Re: 88 OMC Cobra drive gear oil? I have an 87 3.0 and used mobile full synthetic 70w90w. Make sure to fill from the mid/upper fill hole. Biggest difference from auto gear lube and marine is Marine oil resist water.

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October 10, 2019 Building Strength: U.S. Gear Introduces Its New 10-Inch Gear Sets September 18, 2019 Swapping A US Gear 3.73 Gearset Into Our 1994 Cobra’s 8.8 Rearend June 11, 2019 Lubrication Education: US Gear Covers What To Look For In Gear Oil

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Ford Racing Cobra air filter Levy Racing T5 5 Speed manual transmission. Royal Purple oil and ATF . Front Suspension: Independent tubular lower control arms. Adjustable upper control arms. Koni coilvers Rear Suspension: Moser 3 Link 8.8 diff 3.73 gear posi. Moser aluminum diff cover. Koni coilovers. Royal Purple gear oil Brakes: Front - Disc Rear - Disc. Exhaust:

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8.8 gear oil I've used Redline ns gear oil. it has an additive that helps clutches work better. it's made for older 4 speed trans that used gear oil, it makes the sychros slow down quicker for faster/smoother shifting. got this info from Redline tech man. used it in three of my cars. mustangs and my 4x4 suburban with limited slips front and rear.

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Advanced Technical Help - Johnson Evinrude OMC Outboard Engines. Milky Gear Case Oil - October 2006 If oil is drained from the lower unit and looks milky in substance that is a definite sign that water is mixed with oil and somehow getting into the gearcase.

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