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EPC light comes on when going up an incline but then shuts off again. Have had it in for repairs and various items have been replaced but problem persists. Ths car even when light is on performs well. 2004 Polo trendline 1400. Lol change little legends
I did notice however, that the VDC, ABS, and Slip lights would come on when I was in D but go off once I was in P. So, since this was a Sunday, I went to WalMart to "borrow" a battery until I could get my warrantied Infiniti battery replaced.

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When the ABS light comes on in your car, it means that you can no longer rely on this vital system. Here's what the ABS light could mean. They typically look like the letters ABS surrounded by two circles, with the top and bottom of the outer circle cut off. In other applications, the light will consist...

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My abs light keeps coming on and off-took to a shop have the ABS module replaced and the abs light is still intermittently goes on and off-now the shop is telling me I should replace the wheel sensors after they have told me repeatedly it is not the sensors. They just do not have any more ideas as to...

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Nov 29, 2020 · Step 1: Check ABS Fuse. The abs system is like any other electrical system and is protected by a fuse that can blow if an electrical surge occurs or if the fuse ages. If the fuse is blown and you replace it and it blows again there is a short circuit in the system which is usually the ABS computer or pump motor.

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my abs light has been staying on since a few days ago. I checked for codes but got none. FLuid is at a good level. anything else it could be? Snap-On and others make a reader. I was having trouble last year with the light coming on intermittently in my '98 ZJ.

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myt abs light and traction control go off whenever i start my car. my park brake light used to come on but doesnt anymore. i took it into my dealer and they said i would need a new sensory harness. does anyone know any other solution? I have an 02 GT the ABS and track light comes on and goes off.

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Service traction control system light comes on at startup along with the ABS and TRAC OFF lights . Servcies traction control system goes off and other two ABS and TRAC OFF stay lit when I drive. I would like to understand what could be wrong and is there anything I can do before I have to take it to a mechanic.

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The ABS light coming on when the car starts to move usually means a bad wheel speed sensor, since it senses wheel speed. I have a Chevy 2005 Aveo hatchback and just yesterday the abs light came on and dont shut off what could this mean but the car dont feel any different it drives find like always?

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The 2002 Ford Explorer has 18 problems reported for abs light comes on. Average repair cost is $520 at 75,050 miles. ... ABS light starting coming on and going off at 28000 miles, then started ...

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Sep 29, 2014 · About 3 out of 4 times I start the car, the ABS light is on. I have no clue why it stays off the 4th time. Usually I can hear it make some kind of weird noise for a second or two after I start the engine. My brother has a 2001 Acura TL with a 3.2 and automatic and he said about once a month, his ABS light comes on for no rhyme or reason.

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ABS ESP/BAS light on and off for no apparent reason 2014 Jeep Patriot 42,000 miles For 2 weeks now and of course just past warranty period my wife's 2014 Patriot started having the ABS ESP/BAS light on and off for no apparent reason. 2014 Jeep Patriot 42,000 miles. We live in the south and rust is usually not an issue here.

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